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Your Workers’ Comp Claim and Unsafe Work Conditions

How Does an Atlanta Workers Compensation Claim Work

Regardless of your workplace, it’s likely that you take notice of general safety practices. Employers must meet certain standards in various environments to provide a safe workplace for their staff. If you’ve been injured at work, an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney can help. Purpose of Workers’ Compensation The point of workers’ compensation is to provide…

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How to Handle Workers’ Comp Claims When You’re with A Union

Union Workers Comp Claim Atlanta Workers Comp Attorney

1. All Claims Start the Same Union jobs typically include hard manual labor, or duties with little to no supervision. For some, that means teachers alone in a room full of children all day. For others, it means working construction. There are a few exceptions within the state of Georgia that allow employees to work…

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Dealing with Doctors and a Workers Comp Claim Denial

Dealing with doctors and a workers' comp claim denial

Workers compensation, filing a claim, and dealing with doctors is a lot for any person to handle. But when you add in that you are trying to get the medical attention you need or recover from an accident, these tasks seem impossible. Atlanta workers compensation attorneys are there to aid you through every step of…

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Who Should Qualify for Workers Compensation in Atlanta, GA

Qualifications for workers' comp in Atlanta, GA

Are you in Georgia and wondering if you qualify for workers comp? If you suffered harm because of your working conditions or a situation beyond your control, you should be eligible for workers compensation. You have the right to place a request for workers comp in Atlanta GA as long as you meet a few…

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Why Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Georgia?

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State laws mandate employers in Atlanta, GA to provide sufficient workers’ compensation to qualified employees injured at work. These laws also apply to employers in other cities and towns all over Georgia. Workers’ compensation claims, however, are rarely ever simple. Certain complications, such as a failed sobriety test or filing mistakes, could lead to a…

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