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What Should I Do If My Workers’ Compensation Claim in Atlanta is Denied?

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As an employee, you have the right to file for workers’ compensation in Atlanta, GA. You may have sustained injuries in the performance of your duties. Or, you may have developed an occupational illness due to health risks involved in your work. A workers’ compensation claim to help you recover from losses as you stay…

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How Can a Failed Drug Test Affect a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Georgia?

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Workplace injuries, whether catastrophic or otherwise, may entitle you to workers’ compensation in Atlanta, GA. One of the challenges which you may encounter as an injured employee, however, is failing a drug test. According to state laws, a failed drug test may exclude you from obtaining workers’ compensation, regardless of your injuries. Nonetheless, making a…

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Can You Work While You’re on Workers’ Compensation in Atlanta?

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The primary reason for workers’ compensation is for an injured employee to obtain reimbursement for income loss and medical expenses. It may be straightforward to assume, thus, that these employees have ceased working while they recover from injuries in Georgia. Working while receiving workers’ compensation benefits, however, is still possible under Atlanta, GA laws. This…

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How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Pay in Georgia?

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If you are injured at work or suffer from an occupational disease, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Georgia workers’ compensation entitles you to payment for medical treatment and lost wages. You may also get other financial assistance. To know what you should receive in workers’ compensation it is advisable you contact a Georgia workers’…

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