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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Every weekend thousands of motorcyclist take to the roads of North Georgia for motorcycle rides. Unfortunately, despite huge public service campaigns like “Share the Road”, training motorists to watch for motorcycles, they are often involved in accidents with distracted drivers. These accidents rarely result in physical harm to the automobile driver yet result in catastrophic injuries to the motorcycle rider like devastating head and spinal injuries or leg amputations.
Motorcyclists must use extreme caution to avoid these accidents and anticipate the moves of automobiles. The following are primary contributors to motorcycle accidents:

  1. Unsafe Speed
  2. Alcohol or drug use
  3. Inadequate Safety Training
  4. Straight lining a curve or riding in the opposite lane
  5. Failing to Yield
  6. Distracted Driving

ReisLaw will work hard to achieve a fair result in your motorcycle accident case and make sure drivers share the road with motorcycles.


call (404) 876-4200 today or contact ReisLaw, Atlanta’s Leading Personal Injury Law Firm. Our consultations are absolutely FREE. We will help you fully understand your rights in this situation. Our attorneys have specialized training in the fields of Workers’ Compensation as well as Personal Injuries.

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