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ReisLaw is a full-service specialty Law Firm dedicated to representing hard-working individuals whether injured in auto accidents or on the job. Laura Reis and her team of attorneys, paralegals, and bilingual legal assistants have the experience and dedication to handle the case from start to finish.

At ReisLaw we thrive on direct attorney-client personal contact.  Unlike other firms, you will not be only meeting with a case manager, but with an attorney directly. Laura’s legal assistants handle only administrative tasks like scheduling medical appointments.  All case handling decisions are made by the attorney directly.

Laura has successfully resolved thousands of workers’ compensation claims throughout Georgia. She has litigated hundreds of claims and has successfully taken on some of Georgia’s largest employers in the courtroom.

Her clients are workers from all industries including construction workers, teachers, school bus drivers, health care professionals, plant workers, flight attendants, and even temporary employees. We will navigate the process for you and get you the benefits you deserve.

In Georgia, most work injury claims are fought by insurance claims attorneys in Atlanta.  It is essential to hire an attorney, like Laura, who is located in Atlanta but handles cases statewide.



First and foremost, report your injury to your supervisor. Take a picture of the accident scene if possible. Collect contact information for key witnesses.


Written communication is key at this stage. Be sure to keep a written record of all injury reports and disability slips from your physician. Keep copies of all emails regarding your injury and keep a diary of events if possible.


ReisLaw will help you compile your documents, contact your employer and insurer and give you the tools you need to preserve your claim. Contact us today.



I want to say thanks to Laura Reis for her hard work on my work comp case she was great to work with and she helped ease any concerns I had during the whole process. Thank you so much Laura. Give her a call you’ll be happy you did.


Laura Reis was a referral from another attorney, which says a lot when you are referred by your peers. She is very personable, knowledgeable and treated me and handled my case with the utmost level of professionalism. It was a pleasure working with her and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation with their Worker’s Comp case.


I trusted Laurie to handle my accident claim and she was fantastic. She was very attentive and was very professional. She got me a great settlement too. I recommend her to all my friends and family. Thanks Laurie!


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