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Can I Start a New Job While Receiving Workers Compensation Benefits?

It is very important if terminated due to your workers comp claim to perform a diligent job search and try to find new work within your job restrictions. A diligent job search is not clearly defined but In R.R. Donnelley v. Ogletree, 312 Ga. App. 475, 718 S.E.2d 825 (2011), and Brown Mech. Contrs., Inc. v. Maughon, 728 S.E.2d 757, 2012 Ga. App. LEXIS 490, (2012), the Court has different opinions on what constitutes a diligent job search. In one case the client applied for more than one hundred jobs over a six month period and the court did not consider that a diligent effort. In another case where the client applied for 24 jobs and did not receive an interview the court ruled the job search was diligent and he could not find employment due to matters beyond his control. The job search evidence is best compiled and presented by a good attorney like the attorneys at ReisLaw in order to maximize your right to benefits.

When you find a new job while receiving benefits you must notify the workers compensation carrier and provide new wages and job duties. You cannot get full work comp checks while working or else you may be accused of workers compensation fraud. If your new job pays you less than your TTD check, you may however still be entitled to TPD under the Georgia Workers Compensation Act. Your Attorney at ReisLaw can calculate these amounts for you to make sure you are fairly compensated. ReisLaw can also request PPD benefits once you return to work or are note receiving TTD benefits.

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