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Common Workers Compensation Questions Answered – Podcast


In this episode of Justice at Work, Partner Kathy Harrington-Sullivan interviews Laura Reis of Reis Law, LLC about workers’ compensation laws in Georgia and how they impact employees.

Laura Reis has dedicated her law practice to representing injured workers since 2003. In the past 15 years, Laura has resolved thousands of workers’ compensation claims through trial or settlement and procured millions of dollars for her clients. During her discussion with Kathy, Laura provides some great insight for workers who have been injured on the job.

The questions she will answer include:

– What exactly is workers comp and how is it different from other injury claims like a car accident?
– What do I need to do if I am injured at work?
– What do I do about medical treatment? Lost wages?
– Should I hire an attorney for this?
– What am I owed if I’m injured at work?
– Will I have to go to court?
– Can I sue my employer if they did something wrong?
– This process seems complicated. How do I figure out what to do?

Kathy and Laura will cut through the red tape and make workers’ compensation much easier for you to understand.

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