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Third Party Liability Claims (TPL)

When an employee is injured on the job, not only does the worker have a workers compensation claim, but they may also have another claim for negligence against another party. This is called a “Third Party Claim.” Third Party Claims can tun the gamut from automobile accidents where you are not at fault to being injured by a piece of defective equipment like a drill or even a ladder. For a third party liability claim to commence, there must be a person or entity separate from your employer that did something wrong by being ‘negligent’, reckless or by violating some standard of care. The following is a list of some types of cases where a third party claim may exist.

  • Auto accidents or car wrecks caused by another person.
  • Single car accidents where the airbag did not deploy, guardrail crashes and vehicle fires.
  • Big Rig or tractor trailer collisions while at work
  • Bobcat rollovers and crane malfunctions
  • Nail gun injuries where the guard has been removed
  • Malfunction of safety equipment like harnesses
  • Missing or unclear safety instructions
  • Accidents caused by another subcontractor other than your employer
  • Negligent construction site design
  • Slip and fall caused by a cleaning crew
  • Falls on homeowners or customers property
  • Injuries caused by a customer or contractor
  • Medical negligence or medical malpractice
  • Negligent Security
  • Failure of a property owner to maintain their premises or safely secure their property.

As one can see, the types of additional claims that can arise out of a work injury are numerous and varied. A good workers’ compensation attorney or work injury attorney knows to look out for these potential additional third party claims to protect your rights and ensure that you get fair compensation from ALL parties involved. Pursuing a third party liability claim in addition to your workers compensation claim can multiply the amount of compensation you receive for your workplace injury. When looking for a workers compensation attorney make sure that you have an attorney with lengthy experience in handling and identifying third party liability claims.


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