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How Long Can You Be on Workers’ Compensation in Georgia?

Workers’ compensation aims to provide ample insurance coverage for employees who had injuries in their respective lines of duty. In Atlanta, GA, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation governs this accident insurance program.

In addition to providing medical and rehabilitation care, workers’ compensation also ensures benefits to the dependents of a deceased employee. This is as long as the workplace accident or occupational health hazard is the cause of the employee’s death.

With the help of an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney, you can make a full claim on your workers’ compensation benefits. A Georgia workers’ compensation attorney also helps to ensure that you receive your benefits on time in Atlanta, GA.

In the event, moreover, that your benefits are cut off unnecessarily, you need a strong and qualified advocate. A workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta can help.

Consulting with an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney on Georgia Claim Deadlines

Before you can make a proper claim for your injuries in Atlanta, you need to observe filing deadlines. Your Georgia workers’ compensation attorney can help to make sure that they observe these at all times.

One of these deadlines is to give notice of your workplace injury to your employer within 30 days. Also, a claim must be filed within a year from the date of the injury. For death claims, dependents must begin the claims process within a year from the date of the worker’s death.

These deadlines can be difficult to track when you’re seriously injured and recovering in a facility or at home. This makes the help of a committed Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney indispensable.

Understanding the Georgia Compensation Laws with Help from Your Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Under Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Laws, there are certain stipulations that determine how much you can obtain in compensation. In the same way, there are factors that define for how long you will be entitled to the compensation.

You may not have been in a workplace accident in the past. This can make the details and requirements of a workers’ compensation claim confusing and difficult. An Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney can guide you throughout the process, to ensure that you get full and timely compensation.

Under Atlanta, GA laws, your injuries may entitle you to receive compensation for up to 400 weeks. This period applies to injuries which have taken place since July 1, 1992. Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation has furthermore stated that for injuries deemed catastrophic, workers may receive lifetime compensation.

It may be possible for you to return to work and still receive partial compensation. This is typically the case if you could return to work but with certain physical limitations and restrictions. Once you are able to resume working without any restrictions at all, you may stop receiving benefits altogether. It is crucial to seek the advice of a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta for this.

If you have had no experience with a workers’ compensation claim or application, things can get bewildering. You may not know whether your claims in Atlanta, GA have been stopped without due cause.

If possible, consult with a trusted Georgia workers’ compensation attorney. Legal help can unload some of your burdens, especially during this most trying time.

Seeking the Help of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Atlanta

An Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney can help in:

  • Dealing with your employer’s insurance carrier. Your Georgia workers’ compensation attorney may be able to handle a difficult insurance carrier expertly. A challenging insurance carrier could employ strategies to help them evade pay-outs. Your employer may also not want to admit fault, as this can give them a bad record. Your workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta can work on your behalf and deal directly with these possible evasion tactics.
  • Ensuring the observation of all filing guidelines. Your failure to follow filing deadlines may cost you your benefits. With an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney, you will have a better chance of filing your claims without delay. An attorney can also inform you of crucial time and amount limits on a claim.
  • Helping you fight a denied claim. Finally, a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney is most important when you have a rejected claim. A workers’ compensation attorney Atlanta will advocate for you as other parties aim to challenge the cause of your injuries. Your lawyer can also help in the event that your benefits are cut off without due reason.

Talk to a Georgia workers’ compensation Attorney to Get Help on Your Atlanta, GA Claim

If you are not sure how to go about your workers ‘compensation claim in Georgia, get in touch with us. Here at ReisLaw, we ensure the timely filing of your claims and access to the right medical experts. You deserve full, proper, and timely compensation for your workplace injuries in Atlanta, GA. Call (404) 876-4200 and consult with an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney at Reis Law today.

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