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Why Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Georgia?

State laws mandate employers in Atlanta, GA to provide sufficient workers’ compensation to qualified employees injured at work. These laws also apply to employers in other cities and towns all over Georgia. Workers’ compensation claims, however, are rarely ever simple. Certain complications, such as a failed sobriety test or filing mistakes, could lead to a claims rejection. Any employee recuperating from injuries and facing these legal hurdles will do best to consult with a lawyer. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can serve as a most important ally for an injured worker.

You may be inclined to think that hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA is expensive. However, losing your claim is a risk you cannot possibly afford.

If you are fighting for your right to be properly compensated, you need a workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia.

Why You Need the Help of an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Enumerated below are few reasons why the skills and counsel of a workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia are vital:

  • Your employer’s insurance company is rarely on your side.

Although ideally, your employer should safeguard your safety as an employee, their interests may come first. If the employer’s insurance carrier finds a loophole in your claim, they could use it to your disadvantage. Your workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA can re-evaluate your case fully to fight for your rights. With an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer, you will have someone strictly on your side. This is especially important if the decisions of the insurance carrier are heavily biased towards the interests of the employer.

  • Medical and rehabilitative care is expensive.

Since your injuries are keeping you from work, your lack of income is already a huge adjustment. Without a successful claim, how will you pay for your personal and medical expenses? A workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA can help you take the first step. Your attorney in Georgia can help you obtain the benefits and resources necessary for you to fully recover.

  • Paperwork problems can cause claims delays.

Unfortunately, failing to adhere to strict deadline requirements can forfeit a successful claim. This is why you need your workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA to work on your behalf. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer fully understands how deadlines are crucial when it comes to claims. Under Georgia state laws, for example, filing a claim should be done within a year of the accident. Beyond this prescribed period, there is a strong possibility that your employer will deny your claim.

  • Your employer in Atlanta, GA may deny your workers’ compensation claim.

The reasons behind a rejected claim are varied and many. But when you have no present income and mounting medical bills, this is the last thing you want. A workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia can review your claim and identify a way to appeal your case. This can be difficult to do on your own, especially in an injured and vulnerable state. Your Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can commit to reversing your denied claim.

What Your workers’ compensation Attorney in Georgia Will Tell You about Certain Claims Challenges

Although workers’ compensation is a right afforded to almost all Atlanta, GA employees, insurance companies may still reject these claims.

There are several reasons why a claim denial can take place. Regardless of the reason, it is important that you rely on the committed help of an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer.

Claims can be denied because you:

  • Did not have an injury during regular working hours.
  • Did not obtain treatment from an employer-approved physician.
  • Failed a sobriety or drug test.
  • Failed to follow filing deadlines.
  • Have an injury come from a pre-existing health condition.

In some cases, denied claims are made on reasonable grounds. However, claims rejection can also occur because of the underhanded strategies of an employer or insurance carrier.

A workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA will make sure that your claims are reviewed and evaluated fairly. This will result in a more favorable outcome.

Talk to Us at Reis Law to Hire the Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Atlanta, GA You Can Trust

Clearly, there are manifold benefits to hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Georgia. Safeguarding your claim in Atlanta, GA means that you have the right legal strategies at hand for possible complications. You can ensure this only if you have an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer with you along the way.


Don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to your workers’ compensation benefits. Hire a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA today. Call (404) 876-4200 or get in touch with us at ReisLaw LLC to start.

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