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How to Handle Workers’ Comp Claims When You’re with A Union

1. All Claims Start the Same

Union jobs typically include hard manual labor, or duties with little to no supervision. For some, that means teachers alone in a room full of children all day. For others, it means working construction. There are a few exceptions within the state of Georgia that allow employees to work without state workers’ compensation benefits. You should consider hiring an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney if you’ve had an accident or injury on the job. But that doesn’t mean that you should bypass the standard workers’ compensation claim procedure.


  1. Start by informing your employer of the incident or what led to the injury
  2. File a WC-14, the form necessary to start a claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation
  3. Seek medical attention from the appropriate medical providers

These three steps are the start of every workers’ compensation claim, and it’s no different when you’re in a union.

It is vital that you file the WC-14 and inform your employer of the injury as soon as possible. Delaying the WC-14 can significantly impact your claim and even result in denial.

2. Gather Your Resources

Union workers have many other issues in their day to day work life than non-union employees. However, workers’ compensation incidents, on the job accidents, and suffering as a result of job duties are areas where union workers have more access to resources.

Among resources you should utilize when dealing with an injury or incident that resulted in a workers’ compensation claim, you should contact your union representative.

Although union representatives don’t always understand the circumstances of your work, filing a report with your union is critical.

If for any reason you’re unhappy with your medical care or believe you need a second opinion, you may want to get an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney involved early in the process, to pursue seeking a doctor outside of the union’s network.

Always consider your union as an asset. Unlike other employees that often fear that filing an incident report will put their job at risk, union employees usually feel that they have more security.

Again, work with your union when filing a workers’ comp claim with these steps:

  • Placing formal reports about the work environment at the time of the accident, injury, or illness.
  • Carefully keep track of all information for medical attention from an approved doctor on your benefits plan.
  • Keep all information from your union representatives
  • Contact an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney for any issues with your claim

3. Use An Atlanta Workers’ Comp Attorney to Understand Claim Denials

If you’re having trouble receiving benefits, or there is some issue with your claim it’s always best to involve an attorney before the formal denial. They can begin building a case for you and investigating the context of the injury.

Claim denials aren’t the end of the line. If anything, you, and your union probably have more information than was initially reviewed as part of the claim.

The state of Georgia handles denied claims all the time. As you’re with a Union, there may be part of your benefits that pay out better or before workers’ compensation and it may interfere with how the state views your claim.

Opening up an appeal with an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney can take the claim through mediation, or an appeal hearing — either way, you have the chance to provide a lot more information and sometimes even testimony.

If you file an appeal and still don’t have a favorable answer you can move into the Appellate review system. This system takes all of your information, and the insurance companies’ data in writing, then a judge reviews it privately and makes a final decision.

An Atlanta Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Help

Although there are various aspects of Georgia state law that can affect anyone’s claim, union workers typically are more likely to know how workers’ compensation works.

If your claim was denied for any reason, you need the help of an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney.

Union representatives that take over workers’ comp cases don’t have a full understanding of the situation that led to the injury. Legal representation can shed new light on the matter and resolve the issues, sometimes without going to court.

An Atlanta workers’ comp attorney can serve as an aid in understanding the forms necessary to complete your case.

If there was anything that you didn’t report relating to your injury or the accident, you need the help of an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney to find out if you are still eligible to receive any benefits.

Contact An Atlanta Workers’ Comp Attorney

Call (404) 876-4200 today and contact an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney at Reis Law for a free consultation. Working with an attorney can help you interpret legal jargon, and better understand how the law applies to your situation.

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