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Uninsured Employer

Georgia Workers Compensation law requires any employer with three or more full time employees to provide workers compensation coverage. Not all employers have workers compensation coverage as required by the law. If the employer is found responsible and does not have coverage we will seek a judgment against the employer or work out a payment plan to make sure the client is compensated. If the uninsured employer is a subcontractor we can often recover from the general contractor if they have workers compensation coverage. Even if your direct employer does not have coverage, an investigation may reveal coverage through another party.

For Example: Jose is working on a new construction home for an uninsured roofing company and is catastrophically injured when he falls 30 ft from the roof. The roofing company does not have a valid workers compensation policy so we file suit against the home builder that has a valid workers compensation policy. Jose is now a paraplegic and future medical care will cost millions of dollars. Since the home builder has coverage their insurance will cover the cost of future medical care and provide weekly Temporary Total Disability (TTD) checks for the rest of his life.


It’s important you contact a qualified lawyer in this specific field. ReisLaw is dedicated to protecting workers from uninsured employers. Call (404) 876-4200 today and get a free consultation to find out what your rights are in your particular case.

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