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ReisLaw is Fully Prepared to Take Care of our Clients During the Coronavirus Outbreak

ReisLaw is fully prepped and here for you during the Coronavirus Outbreak and any other State of Emergency declarations. Our office remains dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers 24/7.

We are fully operational and continue to serve our current clients and available to help new clients as well.

Our cutting edge technology allows us to operate even if our physical office closes. Here is how it works:
We Are 100% Paperless
ReisLaw has been paperless since 2012. Our scanners allow us to import written documents into our secure server. All case information, file documents and contract logs are stored electronically. Our interoffice communication and case update system, Filevine, is securely shared amongst employees and the attorneys so that everyone stays informed and looped in. Since it is web based, even employees working from home are updated with the latest case information.

Telephonic and Video Conferencing are Available
Even if our clients cannot come into our physical office, our technology allows us to meet with clients remotely. In today’s technology driven world, emails, video chat, texts and telephone calls are commonplace. We use Vonage so communication is fluid, and we have the ability to be transportable as necessary. When you call (404) 876-4200, you will always reach a live person and not a machine. ReisLaw remains committed to providing excellent client contact and consistent communication even in a State of Emergency.

Our Secure Website is Always Online is an important resource to learn basic information about injury cases and read our blog posts and articles published by Laura Reis. We also offer a 24-7 chat platform if you prefer to text rather than call or email. All of our clients are given direct access to Laura Reis via text, email and phone.

Electronic Signing and Transmission
Reislaw uses a secure document review and signing portal called Docusign, a program employing the latest technology to securely transmit and sign documents. Instead of trekking to the office, our clients can sign important documents remotely. New clients can also review and sign our intake documents with Docusign so we can immediately start working on their case.

Our clients continue to have access to ReisLaw 24-7 through phone, text, email, chat, video conferencing and in person meetings if necessary. We remain dedicated to Protecting the Rights of Georgia’s Injured Workers and maintaining our standard of excellence for new and current clients.

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