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The Workers Compensation Claim Filing Process

Once the initial paperwork is filled out, we electronically file your claim on ICMS (Integrated Claim Management System)

This puts all parties on notice of your claim. Sometimes, it is necessary to request a workers compensation hearing at this time. This is also filed electronically. Once a hearing is requested, the case is assigned to a judge and a hearing date is set. Prior to any hearing, it is generally necessary to conduct discovery, or exchange information with the other side about the case. ReisLaw will walk you through the process. If it is ever necessary to come to a workers’ compensation hearing, we will give you ample notice and prepare you in person for court. As such, it is never appropriate to come to court without your attorney. If you do receive a hearing notice from the court, please confirm with us that the hearing is ready to go forward.

In 95% of workers compensation cases a hearing is not necessary. A workers compensation judge does not award ‘a lump sum’ dollar amount for your case, like a jury would in civil court. Workers’ Compensation is administrative by nature and a workers compensation hearing will award you the right to a specific benefit, like approving a doctor, adjusting your weekly income rate, or adding an additional part of the body to be covered under your claim.

If your case is ready to go to court, please keep in close contact with our office the week before the hearing as there are often last minute deadlines to adhere to. It is not necessary to dress up for any workers compensation proceeding. Generally speaking the workers compensation court operates in a casual yet conservative environment, and we recommend that you do the same and wear solid clothes without writing so that the judge can focus on your testimony and not on distracting clothing.

As soon as your injury occurs you may be under strict scrutiny by your employer and the insurance claims adjusters, whether or not you have an attorney, so please be mindful of your actions. At ReisLaw we will guide you through how to handle your social networking sites, how to look out for surveillance and how to deal with case nurse managers trying to attend your private doctors appointments. You have rights under the law that the insurance company will not tell you about. Contact us today to understand your rights and benefits.