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Hip Injury Attorney

When hurt on the job, a common injury is to the hip. A hip injury is often caused by falling, overuse, or even being hit by a heavy object. All of these workplace accidents put you at risk. They can easily damage your hip and cause severe and unnecessary pain.

If you receive a hip injury because of a workplace accident, you may need surgery. You may need rehabilitation. All of these medical treatments are covered under worker’s compensation. You do not have to worry about paying for this high-cost medical treatment. Your employer is responsible for keeping you safe while on the job.

A hip injury can cause long-term problems. You may even need a hip replacement. These injuries can have long recovery times, and you need compensation to help pay your expenses. A workers’ compensation attorney will help you receive benefits for your hip injury. They can help you understand the laws for worker’s comp. They can provide you with the answers you need to file a claim.

You may have a long road ahead of you with a hip injury, but worker’s compensation is designed to help. Speak to your workers’ compensation lawyers and find out what your rights are after a hip injury on the job.

What Do I Do If I Have a Hip Injury?

If you believe you have suffered a hip injury at work, you need to get medical treatment.  Do not wait to receive medical care. You may only make your hip injury worse and require more medical assistance than necessary.

Also, be sure to notify your employer that you have an injury. They may have certain procedures that you need to follow to ensure you receive workers’ compensation benefits. Follow these guidelines to make sure you do not jeopardize your chance of getting compensation for your hip injury.

You need to file your workers’ compensation claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation as soon as possible. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you file for benefits. They can help you determine your average wage payments and the coverage of medical treatment for your hip injury.

Speak with an Atlanta workers’ compensation Attorney Now!

You need a workers’ compensation attorney that you can trust with your case. The workers’ compensation lawyers at ReisLaw LLC can provide you with assistance in filing your hip injury claim. They know how to fight against an employer that denies benefits. They will get you the compensation you deserve for your hip injury. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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