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Atlanta Slip & Fall Attorney

Slips and falls happen daily and are not always your fault. It could be through failure of a business to repair a leaky roof after multiple complaints from customers, bad stock layout in the store, failure to install a handrail properly or lack of proper lighting. Falls cause broken bones, concussions and even death in the worst case. It is important to be extremely aware of the surroundings to try and avoid these situations but if you are injured in a slip and fall it is important to do the following:

  • Call an ambulance immediately if injured
  • Make an accident report with the store where you are injured
  • Get the name and contact information from any witnesses. Record the witness statements through video or audio recording to preserve an accurate account that will last. Witnesses may forget important details over time.
  • Record video and photos from the scene and try to find the cause of your slip and fall.
  • As soon as possible after the fall it is important to write down the events that led to your accident. Document the distractions, ground condition, lighting and weather surrounding your fall.
  • Call the slip and fall attorneys at ReisLaw for a free consultation. It is important to hire an attorney soon after the accident to make sure any evidence from the incident is preserved.
  • It is important to show a pattern of continued treatment to the insurance company. You should continue treating until the doctor releases you or you are at maximum possible improvement.
  • Keep a daily log of how you feel, pain levels or any changes in your health.
  • Collect damages associated with your fall. You can recover medical expenses related to the fall and any possible future medical expenses, lost wages and other items specific to your type of injury.


It is very important you call the Slip and Fall Attorneys at ReisLaw immediately after your fall to make sure your rights are preserved. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling complex slip and fall cases.

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