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About Us

About Us


ReisLaw is a Full-Service Specialty Law Firm dedicated to representing hard working individuals whether injured in auto accidents or on the job. Laura Reis and her team of attorneys, paralegals and bilingual legal assistants have the experience and dedication to handle the case from start to finish.


Timely Claim Filing Service

The workers’ compensation court operates in a paperless environment and as one of the best workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA, ReisLaw has followed suit. Electronic communication means faster claim processing, and as a result, faster claim resolution.

Consistent Communication

We promise to keep informed about your case and return your calls and emails on time. When you hire ReisLaw, you are given the attorney’s personal email so you can contact her directly. Our dedication to you and your case lets you focus on your recovery.

Informed Medical Management

We are constantly attending seminars on the latest medical technology so we can make sure you are offered the best and newest treatment for your injury. We have procured complicated robotics and other specialized medical devices for our clients.


Laura has successfully resolved over a thousand workers’ compensation claims and procured millions of dollars for the injured workers she represents.

Along with her dedication to the representation of injured workers, Laura has handled hundreds of third party injury claims through selected associations with leading attorneys across the country. Since she understands these claims, she also understands the need to hire a specialist who will work well with your workers’ compensation attorney.

ReisLaw is fully equipped to handle these claims and understands that bringing in legal experts can increase the value of third party claims, all at no additional cost to the client. Sometimes a single injury can result in multiple claims against multiple parties- meaning a higher recovery and multiple settlements. Most of the time these associated cases are complex and ReisLaw has a network of top attorneys in every legal specialty across the country that understand the delicate balance among the associated claims. You can rest assured that when you hire ReisLaw, you are hiring a team of legal specialists with strong contacts across the country for all of your injury-related issues, from products liability to medical malpractice to employment-related claims.

Understanding Your Injury

Your relationship with your employer is delicate. It is more personal than a motor vehicle collision or an unknown defective product. It is different. You know your employer. You have a history. We understand that. We also know that the insurance company has an entire team of adjusters, case nurse managers, attorneys and risk managers to limit what you are owed under workers’ compensation. Don’t you need a team too? Balance the scales and call us today.

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